"Just finished the race. The nutrition plan rocked! It was perfect! I will email you later with details….thanks for everything."

George Y.

"Melissa, Thank you again for all of the knowledge.  I really appreciate all that you've done to help me reach my goals."

Michael K.

"Melissa, With your help I was able to meet my goal’s and beyond. The custom nutrition plan you mapped out for me was perfect. Having something to follow during my 50 mile race was exactly what I needed to get to the finish line strong. I will be calling you for my 100 miler : )"

Coach Shari R.

"I just had my yearly physical at the Dr yesterday, I have reversed the first signs of high blood sugar AND my HDL (good cholesterol) continues to improve. And of course I have kept the excess weight off! I can't possibly thank my dietician and team sponsor Melissa Mathes enough...she changed my life!"

Randy W.

"Hi Melissa, You may not remember me as we met a while ago (it's been about a year now).  I was the 19-year-old rugby player that wanted to add weight for my sport, while, at the same time, lowering my cholesterol. If you remember, my LDL was ~210 when I first visited you. We did 3 sessions and that was that. I want to let you know your knowledge of nutrition has definitely added some years to my life. My LDL has dropped 90 points from ~210 to ~120. With your lessons and knowledge, I continued to study nutrition and am quite sufficient in identifying 'healthy' foods, through the labels and trends. The $300 I spent on the 3 sessions has undoubtedly saved me countless bills in the future due to cholesterol complications. With that said, I want to say thank you for being dedicated to what you do and for your efforts to make health goals within understanding."

Trent W.

"As always, you are WONDERFUL, Melissa! I REALLY appreciate your evaluating these things for me so that I don’t O.D. on vitamins!    With your help, I am determined to tackle ALL my food/supplement issues!    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly…especially with ALL that you have on your plate following your recent trip!! Hugs and thanks. "

Vicki M